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Sabine Daniel

Canadian Award-winning bilingual producer and television host, join my adventure to expand the possibilities of Canadian film, TV, & media! I shepherd quality, impactful productions that speak to this country’s cultural and linguistic diversity while pushing the industry forward. With more than 15 years of varied experience in front of and behind the camera, I'm dedicated to telling stories that reflect all Canadians and creating more opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in television.

My current slate of multimedia programming includes the 8th season of my TV Rogers Ottawa interview show Suivez-Moi. For TVOkids, and I'm producing the second season of Sunny’s Quest featuring first-person stories told by Black children across Canada. My recent TV web series Piégé, a dark thriller, captured awards and critical acclaim. And newly relesed my new podcast, The Incredible Story of Afro-Canadians

I know what it takes to create exciting TV and multimedia content that comes in on budget and on time. By grounding my production approach in collaborative and respectful workflows, I bring forth the best of all the diverse talent I'm fortunate to work with.

The entertainment and media industry is rapidly changing in many ways, from technology to culture. The possibilities exist for those bold enough to go for it! I believe your life is your story, and it must be told passionately. I have my own production company, SDMedia INC, and I'm always open to opportunities, collaborations, and projects that share my values. Maybe the next story that needs to be told is yours!

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