prizes and nominations

Patience and hard work always pay off

2017 – Honoree of the Leading Women Building Communities of Ontario Award

2016 – Honoree of the Nelson Mandela Legacy Awards

2015 – Haïti en fête: Honored during the celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Francophone presence in Ontario

2014 – La Bonne affaire du RDÉE Ontario : Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2014 – Fête du Drapeau Haïtien : Great Leader in the Community

2013 – Jeune Chambre de commerce Haïtienne : Nominated Personality of the Decade

2006 – Gala Révélation Contest: Nominated in the Host Category

2005 – RogersTV: Volunteer of the Month and Best Reporter of the year

Photo by Mashael Abdullah - Honoree of the Neslson Mandela Legacy Awards